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Yapla now offers you the possibility to display on your website the list of participants to your events. As in donation campaigns where you want to promote your NPO's donors, you will be able to share the list of participants in your association's events with all visitors to the site or only with your members.

Where to configure the display of participants on your website?

In the "Website" application, select the page of the site that displays your events and that contains the "Events Section" module.

This module allows you to manage several event-related options, including the display of event attendees. In the "Elements on detail view" section , select the option "Show participants list on event detail page" to open the section.


For information on how to configure the other options in the "Event Section module", see the online help article.

How do I configure the display of participants? 

This option allows you to configure several items :


Parameter Description
List Title This field allows you to change the label that will appear above the list of participants. By default, the label "List of participants" appears.
Displayed for filtered events only

You can include certain events by filtering your events by keywords or categories.

Displayed for members only You can decide to show this list only for your members. If you check this option, only your members who are logged in to your site will be able to see the list.
Filter : display members only To show your members only, you can decide to list only your members participating in the event.
Useful for organizations whose events are only open to members, this option allows you to highlight the people who are part of your organization.
Display page number By checking this box, you will display a pagination at the end of the list of participants. The length of this list is defined by the following field.
The list displays the participants with the most recent registration first.
Number of results per page You can indicate the number of participants in each page of the list. If the box "Show pagination" is not checked, only the last participants who fall within this limit will be displayed in the list. 
Displayed columns

You can choose which information will be presented in the list. By default, the first and last name are displayed. You can choose from all the native and custom fields of your members (Members Application) and all the native fields you have configured in the Events application. You can also display the name of the chosen tariff.

Member detail page

If you have a member directory, you can specify the page so that the names of your members are clickable. Users will be taken to the profile page of the directory and have the option to return to the event page.

If you wish, you can also display the name of the rate chosen by the attendee during registration. To do so, simply add the name of the chosen tariff in the columns to be displayed:

How is the list displayed on my website?

In your website, the list will be displayed under the details of your event. 

To sort the list, you can use the displayed fields as sorting criteria.
For example, click on the corresponding column header to sort the list by Name.
This will display the list of attendees from A to Z or Z to A depending on your choice.
*Please note that this configuration is common to all events displayed via this module.

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