How to edit a communication

Every Yapla feature (such as donation campaigns or membership) sends a communication via email to your organization's members. You can personalize all these communications. This gives your messages a warmer, more human touch, and can reinforce the feeling of belonging to a community, or help you achieve your objectives more effectively. Here's how.

Where to find the communications?

From your Yapla Dashboard, select the feature for which you want to edit communications.

Please note that a feature's communications are only accessible if you have already used the feature in question.

Take the Events feature, for example. If you have already created an event, select your event from the list. Select the Communications tile.


The list of your messages is then displayed. This is where you can access the automatic emails sent for your events.

The same principle applies to the Members, Donations, Events and Data features.

Edit a communication

Once you are in the Communications list, click on the message you wish to edit. A list of options will appear:


Edit general settings

In the first section of the page, you can first determine whether or not communication is enabled. The Active button at the top of the page indicates that the message is sent automatically. To deactivate it, click on it.

Next, you can define the Communication type. For example, a communication can be sent to your members when they create a profile. Or you can send them a reminder if a document is missing. You can also consult the complete list of communications types.

The communication Name allows you to identify your e-mails with a clear title. For example, Message waiting for payment. This name is visible only to you, not to your members.

You can also edit the Communication language. If, for example, the majority of your subscribers are English-speaking, you can set your emails to be sent in English.

Finally, for certain communications, you can set a delay before the message is sent with the Number of days before/after option.


Edit target recipients

In this section, you can decide to whom the communication is sent. There are several categories of target recipients depending on whether your communication is linked to an event, a donation campaign, or a membership campaign:

  • your event participants,
  • your members,
  • your donors.


You can also choose to send a communication to the Administrators of your Yapla account. In this case, all administrators will receive a copy of your email.

The Specific email field allows you to add an email address so that the recipient receives a copy of your communication.

Recipient based on a form field: You can select as many of the existing "email" fields for members and organizations as you like. Communications will be sent to the emails entered as values in these fields.

Please note: from the Orbit plan onwards, the Send a copy to fields will send a copy of all emails to administrators or organizers. In the case of communications such as Communication of password to all members or Reminder of registration to participant(s), it is recommended not to add the Send a copy option, to avoid receiving hundreds of emails at the same time.

Finally, you can define the subject of the communication, visible to the recipient.


To go further: edit the format of a message

As well as editing the fields and content of your communications, you can also edit their form. We suggest you read our article Editing a communication template.

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