List of reports available for the Accounting application

Different reports are available in the Accounting application. These reports allow you to export the results of a search (or all results) as an Excel or PDF file, which is easy to consult.

To create a report, simply click on the Export button, then retrieve the file from the Reporting sub-menu of the application.


Generating a report can take several minutes depending on the information in the file. To make your wait easier, an email will automatically be sent to you when the report is ready.

Accounting application reports

Report Name Description Where to generate the report
Deposit slip Exports payment information for payments by check On the page of a consolidation, click on the button

Receivable accounts report

Exports account receivable information. In reports, click the "Receivable accounts report" tile.
Sales by accounting item Exports the list of sales by accounting line item In reports, click the Sales by accounting item submenu.
Consolidation Exports a consolidated period. In Consolidation, select a consolidated period and then Export.
Ledger Exports accounting entries. In the Ledger menu, click on ''Export''.
Invoices Exports invoices. On an invoice, choose ''Download'' from the available actions.
Treasury Report Displays all sales and expenses by accounting item. In the reports, click on ''Treasury Report''. Select the period and click Search.

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