Why use the Accounting application?

Yapla is used to sell products, services and collect donations. In other words, the platform can automatically manage the vast majority of your organization's financial transactions. But as with any organization, the revenues generated must be traced back to your accounting software such as Sage, Acomba or Quickbooks.

Before elaborating further, let's go back to the basic accounting tasks of an NPO. Without an electronic platform, each transaction, such as the purchase of a membership or the purchase of an event registration must be associated with an invoice. This invoice must contain several pieces of information, such as a number, a description of the services sold, tax amounts and many other pieces of information. This invoice must be done manually for each transaction. Thus, all persons or organizations making payments to the organization must be known to the accounting system. Depending on the size of the organization, this task, without any real added value, can become cumbersome in terms of time and management fees.

Yapla avoids the need to create invoices manually

Yapla allows you to generate your invoices automatically while consolidating your accounting items. The first step is to activate the Accounting application from the "Applications" page, accessible from your accounts' settings. Immediately, the Accounting application will appear on your left-hand menu.

From the Accounting application Settings, you can, among other things, activate tax management and configure your chart of accounts. The chart of accounts allows you to define three types of accounts: deferred revenues accounts, tax accounts and bank accounts. For each type of account, you can define an unlimited number of accounts that you will use in the different applications of Yapla. The account numbers used should be the same as those used by your accounting system.

Having replicated part of your chart of accounts, it will then be possible for Yapla to create your accounting entries automatically for each transaction. A general journal, the default page of the Accounting application, is at your disposal. All the accounting entries generated by your sales are found there.

Bank type accounts

Bank type accounts are used from the Settings > Payment Methods interface. For each payment method, it is possible to associate an account with it. Example: Credit Card, Check, etc.


Tax type accounts

Tax type accounts are used in the "Accounting" application from the Settings > Taxes interface.  For each tax managed by the system, it is possible to associate an account with it.

Revenue type accounts

Revenue type accounts are used in each interface where it is possible to define a product for sale. For example, membership types or a price for an event. It is also possible to specify if the product is taxable.

IMPORTANT - Associate an account for each item

In order to have entries that balance, it is imperative to systematically associate an account with the following elements:

  • All your payment methods;
  • All the taxes you collect;
  • All the products you sell, including donations.

By analyzing your general journal, after a few transactions, you will easily see if the configuration of your system is not complete because your entries will not balance.

Consolidation of your accounting entries

Having all the accounting entries in hand, it becomes easy for Yapla to consolidate them over the periods of your choice.  From the "Consolidation" interface, you are able to see the consolidated amount of each account for a specific period. All you have to do is make a few entries in the general journal of your accounting system and avoid creating all your invoices by hand.

Yapla does not replace your accounting software

Yapla only manages the revenues. It is not possible to track your organization's expenses or generate accounting reports such as the income statement or balance sheet.

​Save hundreds of hours with the Accounting application

With the Accounting application, you no longer have to create an invoice manually, just make a few dozen postings per month.  With Yapla, your daily life becomes easy!

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