Configuring the detail page of a donation campaign on a website

When you create a donation campaign, Yapla automatically generates its page. It's this page, which we call the detail page, that your community has access to. It must clearly express your fund-raising objectives. The detail page usually includes a description of the campaign, a list of donors, and the sum to be reached in the form of a barometer.

Create a donation collection page for your website

From your Yapla Dashboard, click on the Websites feature in the left-hand menu.


If you have several websites, select the one you wish to configure from the list. The page then appears with several tiles and options.

Click on the tile Pages.


To create a new page, click on Add a Page, then name your page. You can use the title of your donations campaign, for example.


Define a page as a Donation area

Each area of your page can be customized. Simply click on them to open a menu.

To define your page as the details page for a donations campaign, click on an area of the page you've just created. In the Content of the area menu, visit the Feature section. Select Donations from the drop-down menu. Then go to the section Zone module. Select Donation Section.


This gives you access to configuration options, which are the details displayed publicly.


Fill in the fields indicated on the screen. A word of advice: bear in mind that what you write here may be read by your visitors.

Once you've made your choices, don't forget to click on the Save button to save your changes.

How do I remove a detail page?

You always have the option of removing the detail page from your website later on. For example, you may decide to simplify your community's access to the donation form, and therefore cancel the detail page display step. To do this, read our article on removing the detail page.

For more information, consult our guide about creating a Donations page.

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