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The "Member Directory" module allows you to display a list of members on your website. The directory can display members, organizations or both. The search form, the list of results, the detail sheet and the types of members that appear in the directory are all configurable.

Start by selecting the page and the area where you want to add the directory to the website, as for all modules. Choose the "Members" application then the "Members directory" module.

Recommendation: Use an area of 66% or more for this module.


Visibility of the zone : 

All visitors: All visitors to the website will be able to view the member's directory. 

Connected visitors only: Only visitors who are connected will be able to view the directory. 

Visitors not logged in only: Only visitors who have no access and are not logged in will be able to view the area. 

Configuration of the different sections of the module


Option Description
Search engine

Allows you to define the layout and location of the search engine among the following choices:

  • Horizontal
  • Left
  • Right
Number of columns for the search engine Allows you to choose whether the search fields will be arranged in one or two columns*
Number of lines for the search result

Allows you to set the number of results per page

Hide empty fields on the detail sheet Hide fields that have no associated information. If the box is checked, the fields that are not filled in will not appear on the member's form.
Category Allows you to choose the category of the displayed item.
Article Allows you to display an item that belongs to the chosen category.

Example of the search engine on a column:

Example of the search engine on 2 columns:
Recommendation: to be used only in the 75% and 100% width zones.




Option Description
Enable global search Allows you to choose one or more fields to filter a member search. The display order is determined by the order of this list.
Enable form search  
Display results by default  
Search by services Allows you to add services, sectors and customers as search criteria in the directory, if you use them in the Members application.



Option Description
Include inactive members By default only active members appear in the directory. It is possible to include inactive members.
Include inactive organizations By default only active organizations appear in the directory. It is possible to include the inactive ones.



Organizations and Members tabs

It is possible to display the list of organizations and/or the list of members that match the criteria in the search. By default, the Members tab is enabled and the Organizations tab is disabled. Simply check the appropriate box to activate it.

When both are activated, tabs appear in the directory: 




Option Description
Enable the Organizations tab Allows you to activate the configuration of the organizations tab in the directory.
Show the number of companies on the tab

If no maximum is set, the total number is displayed in brackets.

If a maximum is set and there are more members (or organizations) than the maximum, the maximum is displayed with a +. All members will be displayed in the list of results.


View the list of the members of the organization  
Restrict access to members

Allows you to restrict access to the results: everyone can see the number of search results but you have to be logged in as a member to see the list of results.


Filter by membership type

Allows the administrator to control the type of memberships of the members who will compose the search engine. For example, if the type "student membership" is chosen, the directory will only be composed of student members. Several membership types can be selected.

The membership type must be eligible for the member's directory in order to appear in the list of choices (Membership Configuration in the Members application).

Search Results Allows you to choose by which category of information the members will be classified in the search result.
Sort the columns of the directory
  • Random Sorting
  • Sorting on the selected column
Organization form

Allows you to choose the form used for a member's detail sheet.

The form for the member's detail form is configurable in the Members application (Configuration -> Forms).
The form for the organization details form can be configured in the Members application (Configuration - Organizations - Forms).



Option Description
Enable the Members tab Enables the configuration of the Members tab in the directory
Show the number of members on the tab  
Restrict access to members  
Filter by membership type  
Search Results  
Sort the columns of the directory
  • Random Sorting
  • Sorting on the selected column
Member form Allows you to choose the form displayed when a member is selected.


Advanced configuration

It is possible to promote certain types of membership in your directory. For example, you may want to give more visibility to your important members. This feature is available from the Galaxy plan and requires you to set up Views for your website.

The configuration of the views requires the work of an integrator and we invite you to contact the customer success team so that we can assist you in this project!

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