Featured Members

The "Featured Members" module allows you to display a selection of new members who joined the association or organization.

The module displays the most recent active members of the organization. You have the option to add a title that will be displayed on the website and to indicate whether you want to display your members or your organizations. 


If you select Members :

  • Select the information that will be shown (Full Name, Organization).
  • The member will only appear once their membership is validated.

If you select Organization :

This option only appears if you have Organization enabled in the general member feature configuration.

  • Select the information that will be shown (Organization name, number of members in the organization)
  • The organization will only appear once their membership is validated.

Once the member type and display is selected, you can sort the results that will be displayed on the website either randomly or according to a specific column. For example, you can sort the display of new members in descending order of the member number. 

Then, select the number of members you want to display and the number of columns in the display. 

You can also filter the members to be displayed by membership type or by group. The option by group will only be present if you have previously activated these in the account configuration, under the Services tile. 


Next, select the page where the membership directory has been configured. Once this link is configured, the organization name or member name will become clickable. People will then be redirected to the member/organization details page of the member directory.


In addition, a link to view the entire member list is available. To configure it, select the page where the member directory has been configured and set the link that will lead to the member directory.


That's it! Save and close. Your module is now present on your website. 

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