The Header module allows you to display a header section with your logo, a login link, your social networks and a selector allowing you to change the language of the site.


Option Description
Display Logo

Displays the logo configured in your organization's profile. You can also upload your image. The logo can be linked to the home page (default option), a specific page of the site or a customized external link.

Show Custom Section Displays the content of an article. Choose a category and your article.
Display Login Displays a login/logout button for your members or for participants in your participative campaigns (P2P). Select the page to which the login button is linked (Member Area, Connexion module, etc.)
Optionally, the display of the logged-in username with a link to his profile can be activated. In the case of a Members section, it is possible to activate the display of a button to become a member and to renew a membership.
Display social networks

Displays links to the different social networks of your organization. These are configured in your organization's profile.

Display language Allows you to add a link to change the language of the site. Your account must have at least 2 languages activated to use this feature.
Display Cart If you activated the shopping cart in your account, you can choose to display the cart icon on your header.


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