Using a personalized domain name

Your website is accessible by default from a Yapla subdomain. For example, At any time, you have the possibility to modify this subdomain.

Can I use a specific domain name?

It is possible to use a specific domain name from the Take-Off plan. For this plan, the fees are 50$ per year. For the Orbit, Galaxy and Cosmos plans, we provide a free domain.

If you already have your domain name, you must have access to its configuration, more specifically to the DNS.

Contact us at to initiate the setup of your own domain name!

Can I use more than one specific domain name?

It is possible to use several domain names for the same Yapla account. You can have several websites with the same Yapla account. It is also possible to point two domain names on the same site. This approach is often used by bilingual site owners.

A 50$ fee is applicable for each additional domain name for all plans.

Do I need an SSL certificate?

The SSL certificate is included in your Yapla account, there is no additional charge.

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