The Slider module allows you to display articles as a slider on your website.

Module configuration


Option Description
Display mode

Allows you to choose the properties of the slider:

  • Image with text on the left (Default): Displays a block of text in the first third and an image in the second third. Perfect for a block of ads accompanied by a visual.

Display mode: Image with text on the left.

  • Full width block: Displays all elements in full width. Can be used for banners or in text mode only.

Display mode: Full width block

Number of news to show Allows you to select the number of articles that will be displayed in the carousel.
Order by Controls how the article previews are displayed as well as the content on your page:
  • Creation date (the oldest article is the first displayed)
  • Creation date descending (the most recent item is the first displayed)
  • Title news ascending (alphabetical order)
  • Title news descending (alphabetically descending)
Show navigation arrow Allows you to navigate between articles with two arrows on each side of the carousel
Show navigation pins Allows you to navigate between articles by a number of bullets associated with the number of articles at the bottom of the carousel.


Articles Displayed

Option Description
Category of articles displayed Allows you to select the category from which your articles come from
Groups Allows you to select the groups from which your articles come from

Allows inclusion and exclusion of archived items

  • Display all articles (archived and published)
  • Display articles without archives
  • Display only the archives
Edit Articles Link to the "Articles" tab of the "Website" application.


Display of elements

Option Description
Title Adds the article title to the carousel
Author Name Adds the author's name under the title in the carousel
Creation date Adds the creation date of the article to the carousel.
Picture Adds the image that accompanies the article in the carousel
Introduction Adds the introduction of the article to the carousel
Article Adds the article under the introduction 

Adds a link to the article's detail page

  • Detail page (page displaying the complete article)
  • Link caption (Default "Read more")

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