Donation Section

The Donation Section module allows you to display one or more donation campaigns, with a donation form and a thermometer of the results.
You can also configure a detail page for your donation campaigns that will be linked to the Donation Space.



Option Description
Display mode The display mode allows you to control the layout of the displayed campaign(s):
  • Mosaic : Allows you to display a preview of all the campaigns published and to display the details of each campaign. To be used when you want to publish several joint campaigns.
  • Single campaign: only one donation campaign posted. To use when you want to post a single campaign.
  • Selection list : Display a list of all your campaigns.
Donation input interface Allow to display the donation form with seperate steps (default mode) or with only one step. With this second option, the form will ask the same questions, but with only one page.
Explanation Article Category (not for Single campaign) Allows you to filter the category of the article that will describe your donation campaign.
Article of explanation (not for Single campaign) Allows you to select a specific article from the selected category that will describe your donation campaign.
Campaign Name (only for Single Campaign) Allows you to select the donation campaign.
Disable the detail page (only for Single Campaign)

Automatically go to the donation form without going through a detail page.

Display campaign description on all the steps of the online donation Allows to keep the description at every steps
Show the list of donors/participants/teams on the campaign's details page

Allows you to add a list of those who have already donated to this campaign. You can also display the list of participants and teams if it is a participatory campaign.

Number of results per page Allows you to choose how many donors are displayed on the list of donors.
Display Campaign Thermometer The thermometer will be displayed with the donations collected in relation to the campaign goal.
Display the global thermometer on the page listing the campaigns  Allows you to add a global thermometer including all campaigns. It is possible to choose a fixed amount or to do it according to the sum of the objectives of all the campaigns.
Include donation pledges in the thermometer

Choose whether the thermometer keeps track of pledges or not.

Thermometer objective (only for Mosaic)
  • Dynamically calculated objective: the objective is automatically calculated according to the campaign objectives.
  • Fixed objective: allows you to enter a different fixed objective.



Option Description
Back Button Title Allows you to change the name of the button displayed at the end of the donation form.
Link back button

Allows you to choose the redirection page at the end of the donation form.

  • Campaign details: back to the detail page
  • Internal page: choose an existing page of your website
  • External page: choose the url of a page 


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