Install Google Analytics to collect statistics

Yapla offers you the possibility to track all your website traffic by linking it to your Google Analytics account.  To do this, simply enter the tracking code provided by Google in the Tools section of your website and all your pages will be automatically tracked.

Depending on the version of your Google Analytics account, it will then work in 2 different ways.

New method (property number containing only numbers or measurement ID starting with G-)

To find the code you need for tracking, go to the administration section of your Google Analytics account and select the Data stream option. Select your site if it's in the list or click Create streamif it's not there.


You will then have access to this information: 


You will need the measurement ID to add to your Tag Manager account.

Old method (property number starting with UA-)

To find the code needed for tracking, go to the administration part of your Google Analytics account and click on the "tracking information" menu and then "tracking code". Retrieve the tracking ID that appears on this page.

Add the tracking code to the Google Analytics section of your site's Tools submenu.


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