Integrate social network sharing buttons

You can add Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn share buttons on the detail pages of your events, donation campaigns or news.

To do so, go to the Website application and choose the site on which you want to configure the share buttons. Once you have chosen the site, click on the Tools tile.


In this tab, you will be able to display the share buttons by checking the option "Enable sharing buttons" in the AddThis plugin section.


Once this box is checked, the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn share buttons will appear on each detail page of your events, your donation campaigns or your featured articles. The buttons will be displayed under the event information and under the donation campaign or news text. Here are some examples:


An example of an event on a Yapla website with the "share" bar

Donation campaigns 

Example of a donation campaign on a Yapla website with the "share" bar



An example of an article on the Yapla website with the "share" bar 

Customizing the display of the "share" bar 

The configuration of the previous examples is the default configuration offered by Yapla.

However, if you wish to have a more personalized configuration, you can create an addthis account to configure your own share buttons.

You will then just have to enter your public key (public_id) in the tool tab to have your configuration taken into account by your website.

The public key is in the format ra-xxxxxxxxxxxx


Once the configuration has been saved, you can for example have your share buttons in "float" on the right or the left of your site, on all your pages! Or even choose the social networks you want to offer to your members.

In addition to displaying a share bar, Yapla also allows you to further customize the sharing of your events on your social networks .

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