Securing forms with a Captcha

Before activating the Captcha function on your forms, you must open a free account and create your security keys, which will be unique to your site.

To create security keys :

  1. Go to the Google reCAPTCHA website
  2. Sign in with a Google account (this will allow you to manage your settings later)
  3. In the field "Label" enter the name of your site
  4. In the field "reCAPTCHA type" check the type "reCAPTCHA v2".
  5. Then check the badge "Invisible reCAPTCHA badge".
  6. Enter the domains (url) of your site (If you have several sites, you can enter them here. The key that will be assigned to you in the next step can be used for all your sites)


Accept the terms of use and click on Save.

On the next page, the only information you will need are the 2 keys.


Configure in Yapla

  1. In Yapla, open your site in the Websites application and click on the Tools submenu.
  2. In the reCAPTCHA section, enter the site key and the secret key in the corresponding sections.
  3. Once the keys are entered, you will be able to activate reCAPTCHA in one or more forms by checking the box in the module settings.

By default, the security of reCAPTCHA is at the lowest level. If you still receive a lot of spam, log in to the reCAPTCHA site and change the settings to a higher security level.



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