Member status

When you add a member on Yapla, the member is directly entered in your member base but as long as he doesn't have a valid membership, he is not active. There are several stages between the creation of the member and its activation.

Here is the list of status you will find on Yapla : 

Member status

Waiting approval: people waiting for your response to find out if they can become members (they are not yet members). For more information on the approval process, read this article

Active: Member activated automatically or manually by the administrator, who has all the benefits of membership.

Inactive: Member deactivated automatically or manually (by the administrator), who has no membership benefits. He can only access his profile to modify his information,  track the status of his membership or get a new membership.

This status is assigned to member profiles whose membership exists or has existed but is inactive for the following reasons :

  • Membership has not yet been paid for
  • Membership has not been renewed (but still in grace period)
  • The membership has not been definitively validated in administration (if the membership workflow is configured membership with validation).

Archive: Member manually archived by the administrator. The member must be inactive to be archived. This allows you not to delete it permanently and to keep track of the member without it being active.

Membership status

In grace period : Membership that has expired but which benefits from a period during which the member still has user rights. After this period, his membership will expire.

Expired: Membership automatically deactivated when the period is exceeded.

Validated : Membership validated automatically or manually by the administrator following receipt of payment. The member is therefore active.

Waiting for payment : Membership for which payment has not yet been made or validated by the administrator. The member is therefore inactive.

Pending validation: Membership that has not yet been validated by the administrator. The member is inactive. For more information on validation process, read this article

Pending documents : Membership whose documents have not yet been sent by the member or validated by the administrator. The member is inactive.

Cancelled: Membership manually deactivated by the administrator.

Invalid: A"delegate" (or "Family member") membership that is not linked to an "Organization" (or "Family") membership of a representative.


Member status in relation to membership status

Member status Membership status


In grace period


Waiting for payment

Pending validation

Pending documents






A step further

If you are a Yapla Galaxy user, It is also possible to activate members who are in the Waiting for payment status. The member will have the Active member status while staying in the Waiting for payment membership status. For further information on this option, please read Activate members awaiting payment.



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