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The main page of the Yapla Members Application allows you to view a list of your existing members. You can also search for a particular member and view their member record. The search tools also allow you to filter the list of members.

Use member search tools

On the "Members" page, you have a simple search engine, an advanced search engine (multi-criteria) and a multiple search engine.

Simple search

The simple search engine allows you to quickly find a member using a word that is found in the member's information, for example in the member's email, name or family.

Advanced search

The search engine is based on the most common search criteria:

  • Member number, e-mail address, first and last name, status, and registration dates.


You can modify your search tools by clicking on the Search Settings icon.


In the search parameters, drag from the list of "Available Fields" what you want to add to your "Selected Fields". You can also choose to change the order of your "Selected Fields".


For example, you can add the "Status" field to your search tool to filter your search results according to different member statuses.


The member's status allows you to find profiles faster:

  • Select all statuses
  • Active: Member activated automatically or manually by the administrator, who has all the benefits of membership.
  • Waiting approval: people waiting for your answer to find out if they can become members (they are not yet a member)
  • Inactive: Member profiles whose membership exists or has existed but is inactive for the following reasons :
    • Membership has not yet been paid for
    • Membership has not been renewed (but still in grace period)
    • The membership has not been definitively validated in administration (if the membership workflow is configured membership with validation)
  • Archive: this status corresponds to a voluntary action of the administrator, (the archived status is not automatic on Yapla). This status makes it possible to keep in database members who have been members of the association in the past.

All search criteria are cumulative: you can enter several criteria for the same search.

Multi-criteria search


Multiple search uses the custom fields you have created to build your forms. The use of fields allows a very precise search.

By clicking on field, you determine a precise search criterion. The comparator allows you to specify the status of the result: 

  • Equal (must be equal)
  • Contains
  • Begins with
  • Different (is different from)
  • Is not empty (filled field)
  • Is empty

Depending on the field chosen for the search, a value will be proposed automatically for closed fields. (Yes / No, Mr / Mrs etc.) or free for open fields.

You can add search criteria by clicking on Add Criteria. To delete a search criterion, click on the delete icon at the end of the line. 

Presentation of the results

You can sort your results by clicking on the column headers :


You can also configure the presentation of your results by clicking on the iconmceclip3.png adjacent to the results.


The parameters allow you to create sorting rules and to choose which fields are displayed in the search results.


Click mceclip8.png once the configuration is complete.

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