History of automatic communications to members

Yapla allows you to send many automatic communications to your members, through different applications. For example; membership confirmations, sending invoices, payment confirmation for a congress ...

The "Communications History" function allows you to have an overview of all communications sent (or scheduled) automatically to a specific member from various Yapla applications; Members, Events, Donations, etc. It also allows you to resend the communication of your choice with a single click. 

Note: here are all the communications that can be automated on Yapla.

Where to find the communications history 

In the Members application, click on the left menu on Members, select the member whose communications you want to view and then click on history in the menu displayed.



Information available in the history 

In the history, you will find the communications sent to the member via Yapla, indicating their subject, from which application and the date they were sent. 


Note that the member does not need to be logged in as such for Yapla to identify the communications sent to him/her. This means that if one of your members purchases an event ticket without having logged in to the member area of your website, the communications history will still show the automatic email sent after the purchase. The information displayed by the history is complete and no communication is omitted!

By clicking on the detail of each communication (on the scroll wheel icon, to the right of each line), you can view each communication, scheduled or sent. You will be able to see in detail the content of the communication, the type of message, its recipients and attachments.

Resend a communication

By clicking on the details of each communication, you will see the "Send back" button which allows you to automatically resend the communication as is. No need to copy and paste anymore! 


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