Manage member passwords

The members of your NPO all have a password that allows them to connect to their Member Area on your site.

Yapla allows you, as an administrator, to manage your members' passwords. You can:

  • choose between an automatic generation or a personalized creation of a new member's password ;
  • reset the password of an existing member ;
  • configure communications to send or reset passwords.

Managing a new member's password

Generate a password

By default, Yapla sets a member's password when creating their profile. For more confidentiality it is recommended to let the system generate the password automatically. Members will then be able to change it in their logged-in area.

You can also choose not to generate a password automatically when adding a member. To do this, add the Password field to your member addition form. If this field is not present in the forms the password will be automatically generated by Yapla.


Add the Password field to your form to allow the custom creation of a new member's password

Communicate passwords

For security reasons, it is not possible to send a password by email to your members. However, you can contact your members to invite them to use the Forgotten Password option to generate a new password in a secure manner.

Managing the password of an existing member

If an existing member has forgotten their password you can always reset their password.

To do so, go to the specific member's page and select the "Password" page.


Enter the new password and click on "Save".


The new password is immediately functional. The "Change Password" communication is sent to the member to inform them.

A member can also change their password themselves.


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