Make a fee for an organizational delegate to join.

If your association manages organizations and members, you probably manage two types of contacts: representatives and organization delegates (or members). Setting up a paid membership for delegates can be an interesting strategy to generate more revenue.

What is a member organization delegate?

Representatives are your main contacts in the organization: they are responsible for the organization's membership and renewal process, paying the fee or updating the organization's information.
Delegates are individuals from the member organization who enjoy the benefits of membership, but have not gone through the membership process. For example, they get discounts on your services, can register for events free of charge, etc. Usually the delegate membership is therefore free, and then the representative pays for the member organization.

Setting up a paid membership for delegates

You can, however, create paid memberships for delegates from your member organizations. Thus the total membership fee paid by the member organization will depend on the number of employees or individuals who will benefit from this membership.

Create a delegate membership

Start by creating a delegate membership. To do this, simply check the Organization type and then Organization Delegate in the Type section of the membership type configuration (Members>Settings>Membership Types>Membership Type).

To learn more about creating a Delegate membership type, see this article.



Associate a fee to the delegate membership type

Once this first function has been configured, simply click on the Rate tab to set the membership price. Like every membership, you can define whether the membership period and its price are floating or fixed.
To learn more about membership periods, see this article
In this example, the membership is valid from January 1 to December 3rd, and costs $100. Thus, each delegate's membership is worth $100.
Learn more about fixed date and degressive price configuration in this article.

Linking delegate membership to organization membership 

This step is necessary because your association may have several types of organizational membership. Linking delegate membership to representative membership ensures that the right prices will be charged to the member, based on their category. To do this, return to the list of your membership types and select the appropriate Organization Representative Membership. 

Once in the Type section, below the Representative function, select the relevant delegate membership. 
In this example, each organization that selects this Company membership will be able to add delegates, which will then have the Organization Member membership.
Here is an example on one site: 


Define a minimum or maximum number of delegates per member organization

You can also define a minimum or maximum number. Thus, in the configuration presented above, each organization choosing the Company membership type can add a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 people: 

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