Manage a purchase order request

If your organization needs to manage a purchase order request from its members when they join, Yapla offers a registration validation process to address this situation. 


On the Memberships page of the Member application, go to the Validation Process tab. In the Workflow options, choose the process "Approval required before allowing membership of a member" and save your configuration.


Membership application on your website

When the member wishes to register, he will apply for membership on your website.

During this step, he will enter his personal information (and organization information if you have an organization membership process).
Following this form, he will receive two communications:

  • a communication indicating that his member account has been created.
  • a communication of pending approval, asking him/her to provide a purchase order number (or any other information necessary to validate his/her membership)

The communication is a "Membership pending approval" type communication.


Validation of membership

Once this information is provided by the member, you will be able, via Yapla, to fill in the information in the customer's account, approve the membership application and assign a membership.
This approval sends two communications to the new member :

  • a communication indicating that the new member has been accepted.
  • a communication containing the invoice (with the purchase order number or any other information specific to your membership) and inviting the member to make an online payment.

Payment of the membership

The member will be able to make an online payment.
Following this action, he will receive a communication containing the receipt of his transaction.


If you need to use a purchase order for a re-enrollment, you can use the possibility to manually resend the communication "Membership awaiting payment" in order to have the purchase order number in the invoice.

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