Approval required before allowing membership of a member

Yapla offers the ability to filter applications to become a member of an organization. In other words, members will not to be able to view the list of membership types before being accepted by an administrator.

Application experience on your website

A visitor arrives on the Members application of your site and clicks on the "Become a member" button.
Tip: We recommend putting an article above the form to explain in detail how your membership process works.
As a first step, the future member will fill in his information using a form of your choice.  He will then see the summary of his application and confirm it.  He will then receive the message "Your membership application has been received and is being processed".
No type of membership will be offered throughout the process, it will be up to you to decide what type of membership you will accept him/her as a member of your organization.

The future member will then have the status "Waiting Approval".  A member with this status cannot log into the member space of your site.
Note: It is possible to add the password field in the application form. Otherwise, Yapla will generate a password automatically.

Following his/her approval within your organization, he/she will receive a confirmation email (Membership request approved). You will then need to create a membership for him/her, by going to the member details page to add the membership type of your choice. The membership communication system will then be activated and the message "Membership awaiting for payment" will be sent to the member.
If the membership is paid for, the prospect must return to the website to pay for the membership to go from "Inactive" to "Active" status.

In summary, by activating the application approval function, the registration of a new member will proceed as follows:
  • Member registration;
  • Sending the "Membership pending approval" communication to the member;
  • Approval by an administrator and addition of a membership to the member's profile;
  • Sending the "Membership request approved" (or "Membership request refused") communication;
  • "Membership awaiting payment" Communication sent;
  • Payment of membership by the member in his/her profile;
  • Validation of the membership according to the configured process

Configuration in the Yapla platform

In order to activate the required approval before allowing a member to join, you must go to Members > Settings > Membership > Validation Process and check the following box:


Additional Options

If you enable the "Approval required before allowing a member to join" option, several other options are displayed. We will detail them below.


Payment Required

It is possible to charge for the step prior to membership. To do so, check the "Payment required" box. The payment will be managed via an object in the Data application, you must select one that has one or more rates.

Note: This is therefore a different payment than the membership itself. It applies to a submission. If the membership offered next is paid for, the member will have to make a new payment to finalize his subscription.

Use the status "Awaiting confirmation".

If you check this box, you will then be able to offer a membership to the member, in addition to the possibility of imposing it. In the Yapla platform, if you create a membership for a member, you will see the option "Propose" :

Once the proposal has been made, the member will go to "Awaiting confirmation" status. When they log in to your site, they will need to confirm their membership (and make payment, if applicable) to become a member.
Attention: As the member is not yet an official member, he will have to connect via a "Connection" module to finalize his/her membership.

Allow the member to modify his membership options

This option gives the member more freedom in terms of the type of membership offered. If it is checked, the member will have the freedom to change the membership options, to make them different from what is proposed. If the option is unchecked, he will have to confirm or not the membership as proposed.



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