Features of the Yapla Platform

The Yapla platform is a specialized software for organizations and foundations. The system is built on a modular approach where multiple applications are linked by single platform. The transverse functions, such as the payment system and the accounting system, are used by all of the applications.

Yapla offers seven applications: MembersEventsDonationsWebsites, Accounting, Contacts, and Newsletters.

Yapla Members

Create a database to manage your organization's members. Yapla Members covers the vast majority of an organization's administrative processes.

To learn more, visit the Members page.

Yapla Events

Promote and manage your organization's events. Yapla Events manages event registrations and payments.

To learn more, visit the Events page.

Yapla Conferences

Many organizations organize an annual conference. Yapla Conferences offers dozens of features that make managing conferences easier. We've also made sure that the Conference application integrates seamlessly with the Members application.

Yapla Donations

Collect donations directly online with the creation of fundraising campaigns.

To learn more, visit the Donations page.

Yapla P2P

Organizations often organize crowdfunding campaigns. Creating a transactional website is essential to this type of fundraiser, and Yapla P2P has proven itself over the years. 

Yapla Websites

With Yapla Websites, you can create a transactional website for your organization in minutes. Modules can be activated to use other features in the Yapla platform. For example, you can display a form to become a member or set up a page to collect donations.

To learn more, visit the Websites page.

Yapla Accounting

Every financial transaction is entered into the platform so that organizations can produce consolidated reports. Yapla Accounting simplifies your organization's accounting.

To learn more, visit the Accounting page.

Yapla Contacts

Gather all of your contacts into a single database and create your own groups with Yapla Contacts. Learn more about the benefits of using Yapla Contacts.

Yapla Newsletters

Share news and updates about your organization’s activities using Yapla's newsletter management application.

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