The benefits of using Yapla

There are numerous benefits to using Yapla to manage your organization:

Available online 24/7 (SaaS application)

  • The Yapla platform is a web application that doesn’t require any installation or maintenance.
  • New functions are added regularly without requiring anything on your end.

Comprehensive management of your organization's most important operations

Yapla offers a number of applications to make managing your organization easier:

Custom website for your organization

  • When you open a Yapla account, you automatically get a website.
  • Yapla offers features to manage and maintain your website.
  • Preconfigured web modules are available to integrate Yapla’s additional applications into your website. For example, you can manage new memberships, collect donations, and manage registrations to your events.

Transactions management

  • Yapla can be used with all of the major payment platforms currently available.
  • The Accounting application lets you consolidate all your transactions to simplify your day-to-day operations.

Simple pricing

  • Yapla’s billing process is simple and adapts to your organization. Rates are based on the number of members and transactions. See our different plans.
  • Your credit card is automatically charged at the start of each month.
  • Yapla significantly reduces your operating costs.

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