The Fundraising Events feature: Creating Donations from Event Registrations

If you're planning a fundraising event, charity evening or gala, Yapla allows you to give your participants a tax receipt for the amount they choose to donate.

To use this feature, you need to activate the Donations and Events Features in your account.

The feature is simple: it automatically sends a donation receipt when someone registers for an event. In other words, when someone registers for an event, a registration is added to the event and a donation is added to the corresponding campaign.


1. Create the donation campaign

In order to be able to generate receipts, you must first create a campaign which will be used to collect donations. Remember to set up accounting if you want different accounting positions from those of your event!
The fundraising campaign associated with your fundraising event does not need to be published on your website. Your campaign settings will apply when purchasing a registration.
Once you have created your campaign, make sure that you have correctly configured the creation and sending of tax receipts for your campaign.

2. Set up the rates of your event

For each of your event's rate, go to the section "Donations and tax receipts" and check "Automatically generate a donation. Then choose in which campaign the donations will be created.

Then go up to the "Price by period" section to indicate the value of the donation in percentage or in monetary value.

Click on mceclip2.png.
Once the option is in place, a donation will be created automatically for each registration to the event.

Generate donations after the event

As soon as automatic donations are activated, event registrations will generate a corresponding donation. However, you can activate this option after registration opens or even when the event is over.

If this is the case, the existing registrations generates a donation. In a subscription detail page, click on the "Available actions" menu, then on Generate donation.


Cancelling a registration

Benefit events registrations can be cancelled like any other event registration: Cancel an event registration

However, if the donation has already been created, it will also need to be cancelled, in the donation campaign: Cancel a donation

Good to know

  • When purchasing a registration, the receipt is issued in the name of the event ticket buyer. If he/she fills in the Organization box at the registration payment stage, the receipt will be issued in the name of the registered organization or legal entity.
  • The fundraising events function cannot be used when the registration of multiple participants without a form is activated.

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