Benefit events: generate a tax receipt for event registration fees [Guide].

To use this feature, you must first activate the Donations and Events functions in your Yapla account.

When someone registers for your fundraising event, the amount paid at the time of registration, or a portion thereof, constitutes a donation. This donation is then displayed in the corresponding campaign, generating a tax receipt for the donor. This function automatically sends a tax receipt to people who register for your event.

Please note: the benefit events function cannot be used when multiple participant registration without a form is enabled.

Here are the steps to follow to generate donations from registrations, and issue tax receipts for these participants

Step 1 - Create a donation campaign

To turn registrations for your event into donations, you must first create a donation campaign.

For your benefit event, you don't need to display the associated donation campaign on your site. In fact, all you need to do is set up the campaign so that donations are applied when someone registers for the event.

All you need to do is set up the creation and dispatch of tax receipts.


Step 2 - Setting event prices

At this stage, you've probably already set up prices for your event. If not, please consult the article dedicated to creating prices.

If so, go to each of the prices for your benefit event.

Next, select Donations and tax receipts, then check the Automatically generate a donation box. You can then choose the campaign in which these donations will be created.

Then scroll up to the Price by period section to indicate the value of the donation in percentage or monetary terms.

Click on the Save button to finish.


That's it! Once you've set up this option, a donation will automatically be created for every registration to the event.

Generate donations once the event is over

As soon as automatic donations are activated, event registrations generate a corresponding donation. However, you can activate this option after registrations have opened, or even after the event has ended.

If this is the case, donations will be generated from existing registrations. In the details of the registrations concerned, simply click on the Actions menu, then on Generate donations.

Going further: cancel a registration

As with any event created with Yapla, registrations can be cancelled. This is a useful feature if, for example, a participant is unable to attend at the last minute. Find out how in this help article: How to cancel an event registration. Note, however, that if the participant has made a donation, you'll also need to delete the donation from the corresponding campaign.

Please note:

  • When purchasing a registration, the receipt is issued in the name of the event ticket buyer. If the Organization box is filled in during the registration payment stage, the receipt will be issued in the name of the registered organization or legal entity.

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