How to create prices

When you offer your community the opportunity to register for an event, you can set prices.

You can also define periods during which your prices fluctuate. For example, you can organize a pre-sale period for an event, during which registration prices will be lower.

Here's how to create your prices and the options you have access to with Yapla.

Create new prices

Go to your Yapla Dashboard, and select the Events feature. Then click on the Prices tile for your event.


Click on the Add a Price button in the bottom right-hand corner.
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You can now configure your new price. Please note that the names you assign to your prices are visible in your registration forms.

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Create a preferential price for your association's members

By default, as soon as you manage members, you can create reduced or exclusive prices for your members.

The Members only option shows a price for logged-in members only. People who do not have an account on your site, or members who no longer have a valid membership, do not see this price.

You can also filter the display by membership type. For example, you can create different prices for different types of membership (student, retired, etc.). Only members with an active membership in one of these categories will then have access to the prices you've created.

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The Non-members only option displays a price only for participants who register without logging in to a member account. These are guests who browse your site without having an account. The same principle applies to expired members, even if they are logged in.

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Link options to your prices

Before associating options to your prices, you must first create your options.

The configuration of a price includes its price, and the options to which this price gives access.

You can also choose whether or not to apply a rule for the selection of options.


Create prices according to registration period

For a price to be active, i.e. available for selection by Internet users, it must be associated with at least one registration period.

You can set registration periods in the Registration periods submenu.

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Tick the period(s) to be used for each price, and enter the corresponding price in the Price per period section.

To sum up, when registering on your site, participants can only choose between the following prices:

  • that apply to their membership type
  • that are associated with the current registration period.

Going further: creating and managing registration periods

If you want to offer advantageous early-bird prices, or have prices vary depending on whether the participant registers before, during or just before the end of the event, you can create several registration periods. Here's how with this help article: Create and manage registration periods.

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