Configure registration rates

Unless your registration is free, you will need to set up one or more prices before you can launch registrations to your event.

Rates may vary depending on the date of registration and the type of membership the member has. It is also possible to associate one or more options to the rates.

Create a price

Go to the "Prices" menu of your event.


Click on mceclip1.png .


The price's name will be visible in the registration form. Choose between individual price and group rate.


Create a preferred rate for members of your association

By default, the rate will be available to all participants, including logged-in members. 

The "Non-members only" option allows you to display a rate only for non-members, i.e. participants who register without logging in to a member account. However, participants who log in to their member account will no longer see this rate in the available choices.


The option "Members only" displays a rate only for connected members. People who are not logged in to a member account will never see this rate.

You also have the possibility to filter the display by the type of membership of the member and thus create different rates depending on the member (student, retired, regular ...). Only members with a valid membership of these types will have access to the rate.


Create fares according to the registration period (early bird tickets ...)

To be active, the rate must be associated with at least one registration period. Manage the registration periods in the "Registration periods" submenu.

In your price configuration, check the period(s) to be used and enter the corresponding price in the "Price by period" section.

Add options

Before associating options to your rates, create your options.

In the price configuration, you can choose which options are active as well as their amount.

You can also choose selection rule if you offer more than one option:

  • No rule
  • At least one option required
  • Only one option required



Associate an accounting position

Associate your rate to an income account in the "Accounting" section


If your members have continuing education, it is possible to associate your fee with a type of training and credits.

When registering on your site, participants will only be able to choose the rates that apply to their membership type and the current registration period.

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