Categories and Tags

By creating categories or tags for your Yapla events, you can categorize your events by types or themes.

This makes it easier for you to find the events you are looking for since you can filter the search by category and/or tags.

You can also make this feature available to your members on your website.

Create a category or tag


Go to the "Settings" of the Events application. Choose the "Categories" page.


This page allows you to view your existing categories and add new ones. Click on an existing category to edit or delete it.

Click "Add Category" to create your new category.


Fill out the various fields. The name of the category and the order in which it is displayed are mandatory fields. You can also choose to customize your category by adding a subtitle, description or image. Click Save.




The principle is the same for the creation of a tag:

The management of tags is done from the "Tags" page of the Events settings.


You can also choose to associate an existing category to your tag.


Your category and/or tag is created and you will now be able to use it.

Associating a Category or Tag to an Event

Go to the "Events" page of the Events application to view a list of your events. Select your event from the list.

Select the "Categorization" menu.

(Events>Events>Select your event>Categorization)

Configure your event by filling out the required fields. You have the choice to apply or not a category and/or several tags to an event.


For example we will apply to our event "Charity Event" the category "Main Events" and the tag "Laval".

Once your event is fully configured click on Save.

Using categories in the Event Space of a website

To allow visitors to filter events on your website, go to the Website application and select a page from your website.

(Websites>Websites> Select your website> Select your page) 

Add the Event Section module to an zone of your page. To activate the filters, you must configure this module.


Manage the display of events on the site

Categories allow you to manage the display of events on your website. If you wish, you can therefore create pages dedicated to each event category. 

In the "Filter functions" section of your "Event Section" module, choose the category to display on the page and then click on "Save".

This way, your web page will only display the events associated with that category or tag.



Allow website users to filter events

In the "Filter Functions" section, check the "Allow filtering by tag" and "Allow filtering by category" fields.


Filter search fields will now appear on the Events page of your website, as shown in the following example:


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