Optimize the preview of an event on social networks

If you're organizing events for your organization, you know that social networks are an important communication channel for promoting them. And if your preview catches the eye, chances are it'll make visitors want to share it! Here's how to optimize your preview's text and image.

Where can I define an event preview for social networks?

From your Yapla Dashboard, go to the Events feature, then select the event you wish to work on. Then click on the Settings tile, and select Basic Description.


This is where you can define :

  • the name of the event and what it consists of
  • its date
  • its address
  • its organizers.

Describing your event for social networks

By default, if you decide to share your event on your social networks, it will display the information you entered when creating it. The risk is that the title might be skipped, the description might not match, or the information might be misplaced.

To avoid this and improve your chances of attracting an audience, go to the Basic Description tab. Write a short and evocative name in the Event Name box.

event name_EN-CA.jpg

In the Social network description field, display only the essentials. What is the event? From what date to what date? Where? Visitors need to know quickly what it's all about. They can later click on the link to find out more.

Preview thumbnail and event image

When you create an event, you'll be asked to illustrate it. For example, you can put a photo of sneakers if it's a race.

You can also define a thumbnail for the preview that will be displayed on social networks. This can be the same image, displayed in a smaller size, or a different one. If we continue with the same race example, you could choose the image of a finish line for your social networks.

By default, if you choose just one image, without defining a thumbnail, it will be the first one displayed when you share the event on social networks.

Share an event easily with Yapla

To promote your event on social networks, go to your Event from the Events feature, and select the Web Page tile.


In the Diffusion of your event menu, you can decide to share your event on social networks.


If you have a Yapla site, the same principle applies to your event page.

To go further: debug your event's Facebook preview

Facebook may not load the right image when you try to share your event. In this case, click on this link: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/

Insert the URL of your event, then click on Debug. That's it, the right image will appear! This tool, created by Facebook, allows to update images in the preview of the platform.

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