Add terms and conditions to the event registration process

If you wish, you can require your participants to accept your association's terms and conditions in order to finalize their registration for your event. This is usually the place to insert your cancellation or refund policy.

Yapla lets you configure terms and conditions for each of your events.

The terms and conditions configuration allows you to add the "I accept the terms of service" checkbox to the event registration summary, just before payment.

To do this, select the event of your choice from the Events feature of your Yapla Dashboard. Then click on the Settings tile.


Then select the Conditions tab.


Add your Terms of Service in the appropriate section. You can use the editor to modify the form of your text.

Please note: the Note for invoice section is no longer in service. Please do not use this section.

As soon as your content is added, a checkbox automatically appears at the Summary stage of the registration form. Registrants must check this box to complete the process.

To remove the checkbox, simply delete the content.

This is what the checkbox at the bottom of the file looks like when a participant registers:


Good to know: You can also configure terms and conditions for purchasing memberships for your members.

To find out more: how do I configure the registration process?

When creating an event, there are a number of factors that can lead you to encourage interested parties to register and take part. A limited number of places, an activity for children, or because you need to keep track of participants.... To do this, it's a good idea to create a registration process. With our help article, you can create customized registration forms in just a few clicks. Here's how to configure your registration process

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