Add a member

To manage your association, you have the possibility to add a new member manually as an administrator directly via the Yapla Platform.

Create a member

Register a new member 

Go to the "Members" tab of the "Members" application and click on the Add Member button. 


Fill in the form to create a member: 


Once you have entered the member's information, click on Save. 

Click Save and New if you want to immediately add another member.


Modify the creation form

This form can be edited in the "Members" Application Settings in the "Forms" menu.


Modify the form associated with the context "Adding a new member" in the Yapla environment.


Learn more about managing forms and their contexts.

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Add a membership

Yapla members can have differents status. If you want your member to be "Active", you must add a membership.

Add a member through the website

The Member Section module of the website allows you to display a registration form. Once configured, your members can proceed to their registration directly from your website.

Logging a member on the website and password management

All the members of your NPO have a password that allows them to connect to the Member Section of your website. You can manage your member's passwords.  It is also possible for a member to reset the password himself.

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