Synchronizing a campaign with donors

Ensure that campaign donations are synchronized with the contact repository. This way, you can find your donors, supporters, and members in the same place in Yapla, whether they are individuals or organizations.

Where to synchronize a campaign?

In the Donations application, choose your donation campaign from the list. Once on your campaign page, select the "Advanced functions" tile and the "Synchronization" tab.


Automatically synchronize donors

In order for a campaign's donations to be synchronized with the donor repository, ensure that the "Automatically synchronize the donors of this campaign with the donor repository" box is checked in the campaign configuration.

This way, all donors of this campaign are synchronized with the contacts database. The contact database, available in the Contacts application, collects in one place all the individuals and organizations that are involved in one of your Yapla applications (donors, members, participants...).

Even if the box is unchecked, it is possible to manually synchronize at any time using the "Launch synchronization" button.

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