Contexts of forms for the Donations application

Yapla allows you to customize the assignment of different forms to different contexts of use related to the Donations application, for both your website and the Yapla Platform. 

For example, you can create a form with few fields for your website and a more complex form with additional fields used in back office.

By default, the same basic form is applied to all contexts of use. It is however easy to adapt these to your needs.


Form assignment

The different forms can be created and modified in the Forms sub-menu of the Settings Donations application. Once you have created your forms, you can choose to assign them to the different contexts.



You do not have to create a different form for each context, as it is possible to assign the same form to more than one context, depending on your needs.

Choose the Contexts tab.



The contexts are always separated into 2 environments. Your website is your public site and Yapla is the back office part, accessible only via your Yapla account. Thanks to these 2 different environments, you can create a form with few fields for your website and a more complex form, with additional fields used only for internal management.

Contexts work the same for all Yapla application that use forms (e.g. Events). You can always, if necessary, adjust the contexts of your forms in the settings of each application.

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