Offer several types of delegate membership

Your organization probably offers several types of memberships to its members. If you manage organizations as members, you may offer several types of memberships for their representatives as well as for their delegates. This article explains how to set up multiple delegate membership types.

As a reminder, delegates are the individuals employed or affiliated with your member organizations. Generally, they do not pay for membership, which is paid for by the organization's representative, but still enjoy the benefits of their organization's membership. 

Why offer several types of delegate membership 

When an organization joins, you can offer several types of benefits for their employees. For example, each of your organizational memberships could include free delegate memberships and then paid delegate memberships at an additional cost.  This choice will be made possible by configuring two delegate memberships: "Free Delegate" and "Paid Delegate". 

Create delegate membership types 

In order for your member organizations to choose, you must first create your delegate membership types. 
To do this, go to the Settings tab of the Members application and click on "Membership Type". 


You can edit an existing membership type or create a new one.

To add a new membership type, click on  mceclip0.png.

Choose a name, then configure the membership's rate and renewal. Save your membership type.


Then, in the list of membership types, select the membership type. You will be redirected to a detailed configuration page.



In the "Type" section, select the membership type "Organization" then "Delegate or organization".

Two configurations are available: 

  • Apply the representative's mailing address for all members of the organization: this option allows the blocking of the address fields on the delegate member's form and the automatic addition of the address entered on the representative's form. 
  • Do not allow the delegate member to connect to his profile on the website: this option closes access to the member area for delegates. 


You can then see how to make the delegate membership paying and how to create an adapted form.

To create several types of delegate membership, you can then duplicate the first membership created.


Associate a delegate membership with a representative membership

Delegate membership must then be combined with organizational membership. 

To do this, go to the list of your membership types and then click on one of your organization type memberships.

In the "Membership type" tab, you must go down to the "Type" section under the descriptions.

You can then associate your first delegate membership type and then click on the "Add a Membership Type" button to select another delegate membership type. You will be able to choose between all your delegate membership types.

You can set a minimum and maximum number of people for each delegate membership type. 

Good to know: The organization representative does not count in the number of delegates as they will have the organization's membership type.  


In this example, by choosing the organizational membership shown, members will then be able to select the delegate membership ''Free Delegate'' with a maximum of 2 delegates included, add paying delegates up to a maximum of 5 collaborators.  

Here the membership type ''Free Delegate'' is the default membership type when adding employees.

Also, a delegate type can be an additional contact to manage billing or organization. To do so, you must check the option "Give admin rights to this type of delegate". 

To see how to make a paid delegate membership, see this article

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