Automatically create a donation at registration

Yapla allows you to automatically convert into a donation a portion of the amount paid by your members when they register or renew their membership, with tax receipts issued.

Campaign configuration

In order to collect donations, you must activate the Donations application and have created at least one campaign

Also, ensure that communications and receipts are properly configured.

Membership Configuration

Donations can be generated for all memberships or only for a few. It is not possible to generate them with free memberships.

To configure membership donations, go to "Members", "Settings" and choose the "Membership Types" page.


Choose the type of membership you want to associate a donation with from the list and select it to open the menu for configuring it.

Open the "Rates" submenu and scroll down to the "Donations and Tax Receipts" section.


Check the "Automatically generate a donation" box, select the campaign in which donations will be created and then choose the donation amount (fixed amount or percentage).



Creating Donations

Once the option is activated, all new memberships and renewals will automatically create a donation.

If the option is activated in an existing membership, it is possible to retroactively create donations. Open the member's membership form and click on the "Available Actions / Generate Donation" button in the lower right corner. This button will not be present for memberships for which a donation has already been generated.


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