Automatically create a donation at registration

When a new member joins your organization, all or part of the registration fee can be collected as a donation. In this way, your new member can benefit from a donation receipt.

This procedure can also be applied to the amount paid when renewing a registration.

Here's how to set up your memberships to automatically generate donations.

Prerequisites: setting up your donation campaign

To collect donations, you must :

  • activate the Donations feature
  • have created at least one campaign.

If this is not the case, we recommend that you consult the article on this subject and check that your receipts, as well as your communications, are correctly set.

Membership settings

When you set prices for registrations, the sums paid by members can be converted in full or in part into donations.

To configure this setting, first go to the Members feature, then click on the Settings option in the drop-down list. Then select the Membership Types tile.


Select from your list the memberships to which you wish to associate a donation. This opens the settings panel.

In the membership type settings, open the Rate submenu, then scroll down to the Donations and tax receipts section.


Then check the box Automatically generate a donation.

Then select the campaign to which the donations are to be paid. Finally, choose the donation amount: it can be a fixed amount or a percentage of the registration amount.


Creating donations

As soon as the option is activated, all new memberships and membership renewals automatically generate a donation.

Please note: you can create donations retroactively, from an existing membership. To do so, simply go to the member's profile file, and click on the Available actions/Generate the donation button in the bottom right-hand corner.


Going further: let your members choose their membership type

You can offer a range of membership options to people wishing to become members of your organization. This gives them the opportunity to choose how much they pay you. To find out how, follow the steps in our help article: Allowing members to choose their membership amount.

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