Activate Continuing Education

Yapla allows you to keep track of the training units accumulated by your members over a given period of time. You will thus be able to track and compile your members' entries if they have a membership that authorizes the management of training.

Once the training units are activated and properly configured, they can be added by both administrators and members in their member space. 

Activate continuing education

Go in the Members > Settings > Settings > Advanced Features menu


To activate the ongoing training menu, check the box Manage your members' continuous training.


Once this option is enabled, a new Continuing Education sub-menu will appear in the Members feature. 



Configuring continuous education

The settings can be found in Members > Settings > Ongoing education

In the general control panel, here are the items you need to configure :

  • Settings : 
    • Setting the incremental key for continuing education
    • If Automatically validate submitted trainings is checked, you won't have to validate the trainings your membres created, they will be automatically valid.
  • Periods: length of the period (in months) and minimum number of credits required per period. You can also determine which month your period will start (usually the same month as your membership).
  • Categories: training categories and their units of measurement (hours, days, articles, etc.) - Categories example: Lectures, reading, courses, etc.
  • Families: Training families and credit limit per period and per year for this family (if applicable) - Families example: Ethics and scope of your field, annual continuing education, training, etc.
  • Type: Type of training and credits assigned for this type. A type must be linked to a family and a category. It is possible for each type to define whether the upload of an attestation is mandatory or optional - For example: Evening classes, volunteer work, reading scientific articles, etc.

The configuration of categories, families and types of continuing education is specific to each structure according to your continuing education regulation.

Please note! You must configure all of these parameters before you can add continuing education courses.

Applying continuing education to a membership type

In Members > Settings > Membership Types > Select your Membership Type

For all continuing education memberships, check the "Apply continuous training rules" box in the "Membership Types" tab.


If the member has an eligible membership, they will have the "My Training" section in their member section on your website. There, they will be able to add his training with the date and supporting proof if needed.


Activate automated communication

In Members > Settings > Communications

The Communication of the status of continuous training message allows you to send the ongoing training status for the current period based on the number of days before the ongoing training period expires. For example, you can schedule a message to be sent 6 months before the end of the period, then another 1 month before the end and finally 15 days before the end. Two relevant pieces of information are present in this communication : 

  • Status: training completed or not completed according to the minimum number of credits configured.
  • Credits entered in the system for the period

Please see our article on How Communications Work for more information. 

Once activated and configured, find out how Continuing Training Management works.

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