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In Yapla, what we call forms are files that enable you to collect information about your members, participants or donors. These files contain fields that you can customize to suit your needs. They are then filled in by members, participants or donors. The forms are also used to set the information visible in the Yapla account for administrators.

For example, if you're giving visitors to your site the chance to become members of your Organization, you can create a form for them to fill in. You can ask them for their first and last name, their email address, or you can include a free field in the registration form for them to explain why they want to become a member.

Here's how to manage your forms with Yapla.

What features can be used to create forms? 

All Yapla features that require you to collect information or contact someone have a form creation option.

This means you can create and manage forms:

  • to manage your members (with the Members feature);
  • to enable participants to register for an event (with the Events feature);
  • to manage your donors (with the Donations feature);
  • to collect information (with the Data feature);
  • or to manage your contacts (with the Contacts feature).


Where do I go to set up my forms? 

Forms can be accessed via the settings for each feature. Simply go to the feature of your choice (e.g. Members), click on Settings in the drop-down list, then select the Forms tile on the new page.


This page gives you access to all Form settings options. It contains both the list of fields and the list of forms you can edit.

You can also use this page to associate forms with different organizations in different environments. Let's continue together to find out what contexts and environments are, and what they can do for you.

What is an environment?

An environment is a frame in which you can display or edit information. At Yapla, we make a distinction between the Back office environment and the Website environment.

We use the term Back office to refer to the environment and tools available from the Dashboard of your Yapla account. Only Yapla account administrators can use it.

On the Website, these are the forms that visitors can fill in. This environment therefore refers to what visitors see.

What is a context?

Contexts are the actions that enable you to manage each situation. For example, for the Members feature, there are several possible contexts:

  • you can add a member
  • you can view the member's detailed file
  • you can edit them.

All these actions are referred to as Contexts in Yapla.


How do I create or edit a form?

Let's take an example for this step. Go to the Events feature, then choose one of your events. Then click on the Forms tile.

Once the forms page opens, click on Forms in the menu at the top of the page.


This page displays the forms you have set up for your account. Select a form to edit it.

Three tabs are available: Form structure, Edit preview and View preview.


If you wish to edit the hierarchy of fields, you can click on them and, holding down the mouse button, drag them into the desired order. You can also add a field by clicking on the Create new field button, or add a new section with the Add section button.



At any time, you can see what your form looks like by clicking on one of the Preview tabs:

  • Edit preview lets you view the appearance of the form as it would appear to a visitor in the process of filling it in.
  • View preview lets you view the form as it appears to someone who is consulting it without editing it.

Surface and cross validation

Form surface validation is defined for each custom field

Yapla does not offer the possibility of cross-validating two or more fields. Furthermore, it is not possible to edit the value of a field dynamically according to the value of another field.

Adding a new form

To add a new form to your list, click on the Add Form button at the bottom of the list.


You can then give your form a name. If it's for a specific event, a group of participants or a group of donors, you can add it to the group in question.


You can then add the fields and sections you deem relevant. 

Translate form labels

In the Forms list, you'll see a cogwheel in front of each available form. By clicking on it, you can edit, duplicate, translate or delete a form. 


The Translate function redirects you to the language management system. Learn how to manage translations in your Yapla account.

To find out more: what form fields are available for each feature?

The form fields may differ from one feature to another. To help you find what you're looking for, here's a useful article: List of native fields for each feature.

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