Forms management

In all of the Yapla applications, you can modify most of the forms required to use the platform.

Forms are linked to different contexts and are built using custom fields.

Which applications work with forms?


  • Members
  • Organizations


  • Donor management
  • Organizations management


  • Contact management
  • Organizations management


Where to configure forms

For each application, the Forms page is available from the application's Settings.


You can manage and configure all of your forms from the Forms page. It contains a list of fields and forms that you can modify at any time. This is also where you can link your forms to different contexts.

What is an environment?

There are two types of environments: Administration and Website.

The Administration environment refers to all of the forms used in the Yapla platform and which are only used by your organization’s administrators.

The Website environment refers to the forms used on your site by internet users. Yapla gives the option of distinguishing between the data displayed on your website or for administrator

What is a context?

Each application has its own contexts. You can choose to link different forms to different contexts.

Here are a few examples of the contexts provided in the Members application: Add a member, View a member, Modify a member, and more. Each context requires a form. A number of forms are created by default when you open a Yapla account.

How to create or modify a form

From the application’s Forms page, choose the Forms subsection.


This page displays the forms configured for your account. Select a form to modify it.

Three tabs are available: Form structure, Edit preview, and View preview.


To modify the order of the fields, drag and drop them to the desired location.

The buttons Add a section and Add field are available to build a form that meets your needs.


You can view the form at any time by clicking on the preview/view tabs.

  • The Edit preview mode allows you to see how the form looks in the editing mode when you or a member is modifying its information.
  • The View preview mode shows you how the form looks when being viewed.

Custom validation and cross-field validation

Custom validation for forms is defined for each custom field

Yapla does not offer the option of cross-field validation between two or more fields. In addition, it is not possible to dynamically modify a field's value based on another field's value.

Adding a new form

To add a new form, a button is available on the page displaying the list of forms.


First, give your form a name. You can also link it to custom groups, if necessary.


Then add the desired sections and fields.

Translating a form’s labels

On each line of the forms list, a pop-out menu is available. This menu gives you access to four functions: Translate, Delete and Duplicate.


The Translate function directs you to a translation management system which filters the forms in your form. Learn how to manage translations using the Yapla platform.

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