Make the selection of a membership option mandatory

To see how to configure an option for a membership type, see this article.

When to make the selection of an option mandatory?

Usually, during the membership purchase or renewal process, options are not mandatory. Your members could subscribe to an additional service, make a donation, etc. 

In some cases, members are required to select one or more of the available options. For example, this feature is useful if your members need to choose between several types of insurance or coverage when joining.

How do I make the selection of one or more options mandatory?

In the Members application, click on the Membership tab in the blue vertical menu on the left side of your screen, then click on Membership Types tile.
Then click on the membership type whose option you want to configure.

Once you have clicked on the membership type, you are on the general configuration interface.
From this page, click on the "Options" tab.
Once you have clicked on the options, you are in the interface that allows you to define the availability of the options.
This is configured using the "Selection Rule" section.

In this example we have two options: ''Subscribe to insurance 1'' or ''Subscribe to insurance 2''.
  • If the function "Require the selection of only one optional option" is checked, the member will be forced to choose between the two options. He will not be able to finalize the purchase of his membership as long as at least one option is selected. 
  •  If the "Require the selection of at least one optional option" is checked, the member can select as many options as available, as long as at least one is selected. 

Note that these rules only work for "optional" options. The "mandatory" options must all be selected to finalize the membership.

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