Smart Newsletter Display Modes

When creating a  Smart Newsletter, Yapla allows you to synchronize your events and the articles of your websites via the Newsletter application. Automatically, the information from your events and the articles generate newsletters that adapt to all screen formats.

Here are the different display modes available for the following types of content: Yapla Events and Yapla Articles. 

Configuring the Smart Newsletter

Go to the newsletters application:


Choose the "Newsletter" menu and select on the newsletter you wish to modify in the list.



In the "Content" section, click on the zone you wish to modify. 



Choose one of the following modules:

Yapla Events Module

Select the "Yapla Event" module. Choose one of the following display modes:

Featured Event


This display mode allows you to highlight one event.

The thumbnail associated with the event will appear in the left hand column and information related to the event, such as the title, date and introductory text, will be displayed in the right hand column.

In addition, a "More Details" button will automatically redirect to the event page.



Two columns without thumbnails


By selecting this display mode, you can promote several events at the same time. They will be arranged on two columns and you will find as information: the date, the title, the short description of the event as well as the link "More details" to their respective page.


If you select an odd number of events, the last one will be displayed in one column. 


Two columns without introduction


This mode arranges the information of your events also on two columns, indicating only the date and the title, therefore without the short description and offers a different choice for the action of the button. This one becomes "Register".


Yapla articles

One column with thumbnail


This display mode offers you the possibility to publish your latest news, with the thumbnail, title and introductory text that are on your site, in addition to the "Read more" link, which will direct the user to the associated page that is published online. It will arrange them in a column.  


One column without a thumbnail


If you don't have images associated with the articles on your site, you can choose this display mode which allows you to view your selected news in a single column with the article title, the introductory text and the "Read more" button.



Two columns without thumbnails



When selecting this option, the articles are displayed in two columns, without images, and show the title, the introductory text and the "Read more" button.


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