Synchronize articles with the smart Newsletter

Automatic display of a article in a newsletter

Where to find the Smart Newsletter function

Go to the Newsletter application, then choose one of your newsletter in the "Newsletter" menu.
In the "Content" section, select the zone where you want to display the article. When you select the zone, the editing module will appear on the right.


Type of content

To display the content of your events or articles, select "Yapla Articles" in the area module. Please note that you need to have created articles items for Yapla to be able to bring them up in the newsletter. 

Articles or news: Choose the target

If you want to display an article or a news item, you need to define the "target", i.e. the site on which the article in question is located. If your website is on Yapla select "Yapla website" and specify the website and the page of the article. If the article is on another site, select "external site" and provide the url.



While the application saves you from copying and pasting text or images and re-formatting, you still have to choose how to display the content. You can;
  • give a title to the zone (not mandatory).
  • Define the display mode (on one column or two, with thumbnail image or not).
  • Define "how far" Yapla goes up to search for items, and if the selection is restricted to certain categories
  • Define the display order
  • And finally, the language of the uploaded content


Once you've selected your choices, Yapla integrates all the relevant content and you can choose which items to display specifically from the available items:

Finally, the mceclip4.png button allows you to preview the final newsletter.
Don't forget to mceclip5.png and to test your newsletter before sending it!

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