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You can add or edit multiple contacts in the Newsletter feature. There are two ways to add contacts. If it is a few contacts, the import can be done manually. If the volume of contacts to be imported is larger, using the import tool allows you to work quickly, using an Excel file.

Manual import

Quickly add a contact by clicking on the "Add Contact" button.


Then simply fill in the fields and click on "Save Contact". 

Using the import tool

This method is the fastest way to import multiple contacts at once.

Preparing the import file

Your Excel file must contain a first row with the field names, then one contact per row. Give clear titles to the columns, in order to differentiate them easily when importing. It is possible to import a file with only one column, i.e. the email address.


To speed up the processing of your data, avoid using a file with complex layouts or macros. You can quickly copy and paste your data without the formatting by copying the data and then pasting it into a new file using the "Paste Values" option in Excel.

Important: the email column must contain only email addresses, one per cell, and with no superfluous characters (commas, apostrophe, etc). Otherwise, the email will be considered invalid and the contact will not be imported.

In the case of duplicate emails or a contact that already exists in the database, the latter will be updated and not imported a second time.

Importing contacts

In the "Newsletter" application, click the "Contacts" menu, and then click "Contacts Imports".


In the Import Excel section, click the Upload button and select your Excel file.


A block of 3 columns will appear :

  • the left column is the list of columns in your Excel file.
  • the center column is the list of custom fields in your Newsletter feature. So you need to associate the column in your file with the corresponding custom field, to indicate where to save the data. It is not necessary to associate all the columns if some of them are not used in your contacts.
  • the right column is empty 

To associate a column, simply drag the block into the corresponding box. 

Once the item is placed in the right column, it can be removed by clicking on the trash can icon that appears next to its name.


Once the import is completed, a summary is displayed on the screen.

  • If some emails already exist in your repository, they will be considered as updated contacts.
  • If you have invalid contacts, the corresponding lines will be indicated at the bottom of the page.
  • Invalid emails are usually due to a wrong format of the email address or blank lines at the end of your file.


Once your contacts are imported, you can create basic or complex filters that allow you to create contact lists according to different custom fields. If your filters are already created, start a campaign.

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