Creating a Basic Filter

Filters allow you to create a list of contacts according to one or more criteria. These are dynamic: as soon as a contact's detail is modified, it will be added or removed from the corresponding filters.

Filters can be used to manage targets.

Basic filters use a single custom field.
Examples of filters :

  • The language is equal to "English".
  • The email contains "gmail".
  • The phone number starts with "514".
  • The city is different from "Montreal".
  • The field "Website" is not empty
  • The field "Coordinates" is empty
  • The date of membership is before January 1, 2016.
  • Renewal date is less than 7 days ago 

Basic Filters can also be used to differentiate Tacit contacts from Single and Double opt-in contacts.

To create a simple filter, go to the menu Newsletter > Contacts > Basic Filters. This page allows you to view and modify your existing filters. Click on the green "Add Single Filter" button in the left column to create a new filter.


Enter the name of your filter. You can also enter a description to facilitate your management. Select the field on which you wish to filter your list, then the condition (Equal, Begins with, Is empty, etc) and the value if applicable.

Click on the green button "Save Filter"


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