Configuration of the registration process

Depending on your needs, several options are available to simplify or refine the registration form for your events.

To configure the registration process of an event, choose the event and select the "Settings" menu.


The options are located in the "Process" tab. 


List of Fields 

  • Allow online registrations - If you want to display an event without your visitors being able to register, for example if registrations are managed through another site, you can uncheck this box and the "Register" button will no longer appear.
  • Allow the same email to subscribe several times - Avoid duplicate registrations by unchecking this box. If the box is unchecked, participants with a same email will only be able to register once. 

Identification and Recruitment

  • Activate the Identification step - Allow your members to log in with their account to take advantage of special rates.
    • Suggest becoming a member - Will add a button to the "Become a member" form.
    • Allow to find an organization in order to become a delegate member automatically - If your organization manages organizations with many members, this feature will allow employees of these organizations to register as members, even if they don't yet have a member account themselves.
    • Allow to register without being a member - Allows you to continue registration without logging in. Do not check in the case of members-only events.mceclip1.png
    • Allow the member to modify his registration in his connected space - Choose whether registration managers and participants can modify their information in their member area.

Management of available places

  • Limit the number of available spots - Allows you to determine the maximum number of seats available. Once this number is reached, it will no longer be possible to register for the event.


Registration Manager

  • Enable Register Manager Mode - Allows a manager to complete registration without attending an event.
    • Impose responsible registration mode - You can enable this option in cases where participants will never be the responsible registrants, such as an event for minors.

Invite only event

  • Registration limited to holders of an invitation only - Allows you to create an access code to be filled in by your participants.



Choose the tab "Multi-registration"


Multi-registration feature

  • Enable registration of multiple participants for the same transaction - This option allows you to enable the enrollment of multiple participants at one time.
    • Allow members of your organization to register as participants - A box is added in the registration process. When the account has organizations and the representative is logged in, he can choose his colleagues to pre-fill the form.
    • No registration form for additional participants - Only the number of additional participants needs to be filled in.
    • Identical registration form for all participants - The same form will have to be filled in for each participant (Context: Adding a registration - Website).
  • Simplified registration form for additional participants - Additional participants will have a different form (Context: Adding a simplified registration) that may contain fewer or different fields. 

Proposed Rates for Additional Participants for a Standard Member 

      • Offer the same rates as the member making the registration: All additional participants will have the same rate. You can choose an additional registration limit. The member making the registrations is counted within the limit of allowed registrations.
      • Offer only these rates for additional participants: Choose which rates will be available for additional participants.

        Configure the rates in the same way for the additional attendees of a representative and a delegate.


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