Setting up donation tax receipt information

When members of your community make a donation, they can obtain a tax receipt. This document allows them to claim tax exemption on the amount they have donated. To create this receipt, Yapla captures the information entered by members, and generates a receipt from a template. Here's the information you need to enter to enable Yapla to generate your tax receipts. 

Customize your tax receipt information  

From your Yapla Dashboard, go to the Donations feature. Then click on Settings. 

On the page that appears on your screen, select the Settings tile, which is located just below the General Settings section. 


This takes you to a page containing three blocks of information. 


Donor number generation algorithm

This section allows you to customize the number of the first receipt generated by Yapla for your campaign. By choosing specific sequential numbers for each campaign, you can avoid duplication problems.


Campaign ID management

This section gives you an overview of the identifiers displayed on your receipts, by campaign. It displays any changes you make to the Algorithm for generating donor numbers section.


Information used for tax receipts

Completing this section is vital, as it is the information that will form the body of the tax receipts issued to your donors. The signature at the bottom of the receipt must be that of the person designated for this purpose within your association. This could be the president of the association, for example. 


Modify the tax receipt template

You can modify the tax receipt template proposed by default by Yapla, or create a new one. 

From the Dashboard, select the Donations feature. Then click on Settings. 

On the Settings page, choose the Tax receipt templates tile, which is located in the Receipts management Settings section. 


You can then modify the tax receipt template information. Note that there are two different templates: one for individual donations, the other for donations made on behalf of a company. 

If you wish to create a new template, click on the Add a tax receipt template button at the bottom of the page. 

Go further: automate the sending of tax receipts 

Yapla lets you save time by choosing to send tax receipts automatically. You can also send a receipt as soon as a donation is made. This option is ideal for one-time donors. As for your regular donors, you can accommodate them by sending them a consolidated donation on an annual basis. Find out how in our guide to Automating the creation and dispatch of tax receipts.

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