Configure Payment Methods

Yapla allows you to configure and manage the different payment methods used by your NPO: credit card, check or bank transfer. Compare plans offered by Yapla and the different payment methods they offer.

Where to set up payment methods?

Payment systems are configured via the Payments > Settings> Payment methods menu.



Adding a payment method

This function is available with the Galaxy and Orbit plans only.

Click on "Add a payment method" to create a new payment method.

Complete the different sections of the form.

  • Type : When you add a new payment method, you must choose its type:
    • Cash
    • Check
  • Name : The name of the payment method, as it will appear in the form
  • Reference : This field allows you to rename the payment method in administration. It does not change the name seen by your members.

Depending on the type of payment selected, additional information will be required to configure the new payment method.

In the example above, the type selected is Check, so you must add the information of the recipient to whom the check will be sent.

For payment methods such as Check, Cash or Bank Transfer, you can also enter a reference number to facilitate your follow-ups, for example the check number. If you do not want this option, you can deactivate it.


Visibility of payment method

For each payment method, you can limit its access to connected people. Connected people are members and other people with access to an online space on your site.



Associate the appropriate accounting item with your payment method.


Management of existing payment methods

When the payment methods are configured, you can activate or deactivate them on your Website or on your back office.


In the example above, users of your site will be able to pay by credit card, while administrators of your Yapla account will also be able to make payments by check.

Change the order of your payment methods using the mceclip0.png button.

Important! The payment simulator simulates financial transactions. It does not allow you to receive true payments. It should be used in test mode only.


Go further

If you want to create a bank transfer or cash type payment method, you can use the check type. For more information, please see the full article at the following link:

How to set up payments by bank transfer or cash?


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