Management of custom fields

For all Yapla applications, you are in control of your organization's data structure. You can add, remove or modify fields at any time. Here are the types of custom fields available on the platform.


Address Allows users to enter an address.
Checkbox Allows users to answer in the affirmative (box checked) or negative (box unchecked). This field type allows you to create a single checkbox.
Consent Will display a checkbox in your form. When checked, the date and IP address of the use that checked it will be recorded.
Date Allows users to enter a date or choose a date from a calendar displayed in a pop-up box. An option allows enabling time management.
Digital Allows users to enter integers or floating numbers.
Email Allows users to enter an email address, which is validated to ensure a correct format.
File Allows users to upload custom files.
Image Allows users to upload an image.
Incremental Allows the automatic generation of identifiers.
Multiple Choice Answer (checkboxes) Allows users to choose multiple answers from the available options. The Enable Auto-completion feature allows the person to type in their choices instead of checking each box.
Object Allows users to view the association linked to the instance of the object.
Password Allows users to enter a password.
Phone number Allows users to enter any phone number. It is automatically formatted as a phone number by country.
Selection List Allows users to select a value from a list that you've defined.
Single Choice Response (Radio) Allows users to choose only one of the suggested options.
Text Allows users to enter any combination of letters and numbers.
Text zone Allows users to enter up to 32000 characters on multiple lines.
URL Allows users to enter any valid website address. When users click on the value entered in this field, the URL opens in a separate browser window.



You have the possibility to create your own database. For example, you manage your members database, your events database and so on for each Yapla application.

To add a custom field, click on "Add field" in the Fields tab of the Form page of any application.

The first step is to select the type of custom field you want to add to your database. The form for creating a field varies depending on the type of field. The following fields must be filled in.

Fields Application Explanation
Label All Field Name. It can be modified at any time. This label is used by Yapla forms.
Alias All Technical name of the field. This name cannot be modified after the field has been created.
Description All Description of the field.
Required All Allows you to make a field mandatory.
Character Limit All Allows you to define the maximum number of characters in the field.
Validation All Allows you to define a validation rule for the field.
Normalization All

Allows you to set a format for all answers:

  • All in UPERCASE
  • All in lowercase
  • First letter in CAPITAL
  • First letter of each word in CAPITAL
Default Value All Allows you to define the default value of a field.



It is not possible to change the type of a field.



Membership Type Displays the type of membership. Does not allow you to change the membership type of a member.
Password Allows users to enter a password for a member.
Member status The current status of the member.

When creating a new Yapla account, the system automatically creates native fields. These fields cannot be removed from the database. Native fields may vary depending on the country associated with your Yapla account. Here is the list of native fields.

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