Attach a document to be approved on a form

Below is the procedure for inserting a file into your form.

It has been written with a set of house rules as an example:

I invite you to go to your "Members" > "Settings" > "Forms" > "Basic Form" or whatever once in your form, click on "add a section". 

Then, give this section a name and check the "Add a description for this section" box.

In your description, I invite you to write a message similar to this one: "It is imperative that you read our charter before proceeding with your membership.". (see below):

Then select the part of the text you wish to make "clickable", and click on the button to create a link (see below):


Once you've clicked on the link button, a page will open. Click on "Browse server":

From here, you can select the file/document you wish to share when the link is clicked. Once you've selected the document, click on "Choose" then "Save". Your document is now accessible from this link.

Next, add a consent field in this section, with the name "I accept the organization's values and charter" for example.

To see the final result of this process, please follow this link:

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