Choose the display mode for the My Events page in the Members Section

The Members Section module in the Website feature is used both for membership purchases and for the area reserved for your members on your Yapla site. By default, the My Events page is activated, allowing your members to view their event registrations. There are two possible display modes. Here's how to choose the one that suits you best.

Setting of the "My Events" Page in the Members Section

In the Website function, select your website and the page containing the Members' Area module. Click on the area containing the Members Section module to configure it.

Screenshot 03-01-2024 16-47-53.png

You can now choose the display mode for the "My Events" function. 

Screenshot 03-01-2024 16-52-48.png


Choose map mode

The "Table" mode is one of the display modes available for the "My Events" page. 

Screenshot 03-01-2024 16-57-20.png

"Map" mode activated by default

The "Chart" mode offers a chronological perspective of the events entered, presented from the most recent to the most distant in time and in 2 columns, and is suitable for cell phones. This view provides a clearer understanding of the evolution of activities.

Screenshot 03-01-2024 16-55-26.png





Screenshot 03-01-2024 16-52-48.png



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