Generate a calendar link for your event

To enhance the purchasing experience at your training courses and events, and ensure maximum presence from your registrants, you can automatically generate an add-to-calendar link for each event. This link can be shared in the event registration confirmation email and added to the event registration page.

This makes it a convenient option for your registrants to add dates to their personal calendars.

Activate the calendar link on your event page

First, you need to create an event page in Yapla's Website feature. Once this is done, go to your Events page on your Website.

To get there, click on the pages tile and select the page containing the Events module.

Screenshot 03-01-2024 16-03-45.png

Once on the page, click on the Event module area to open it. In the Event Space module settings, check the "Show add to calendar button" option. This will display a button on your page, enabling your participants to easily add events to their calendar.

Screenshot 03-01-2024 16-08-03.png

Note that this function will be activated for all events displayed in the module, and by default, each new registration confirmation will automatically include a calendar appointment.

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Add or remove calendar link in registration confirmation e-mail

You can choose whether or not to include the calendar link in the registration confirmation.

In the Events feature, select the event you wish to set.

Screenshot 03-01-2024 16-20-18.png

Click on the Event Setting tile of the event.

In the Registration Process tab, check or uncheck the "Allow the download of the event in the calendar" box.

By default, this option can be pre-checked. If you prefer not to send the calendar link, simply uncheck this option on the Registration page.


Once this option is activated, the calendar link will be automatically included in registration confirmations sent by e-mail, providing a more complete and convenient experience for your participants.

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