How to create a donations page [Guide]

A donations page is a page on which you can share your campaigns to collect donations. Here's how to create a donation page on your site to display your campaigns.


Start by creating your donation campaign from your Yapla Dashboard. You can give your campaign a name, set a financial goal, create a registration form for donors, and much more. You can find the various steps involved in creating a campaign here.

Step 1 - Create a page for your donation campaign

Go to the Website feature on the Yapla Dashboard, then click on the Pages tile.

In the bottom right-hand corner, click on Add a Page. Here you can enter the URL of the page and give it a name (e.g. "Make a donation" or "Support us").


Once the page has been created, click on it, then go to the Structure tab.

Here you can see the entire structure of your page. You can choose where you'd like to add your Donations module. We recommend that you choose the MainArea to insert your module, so that it's at the center of the page.


Once in the MainArea, you can configure the module. To do this, in the Feature field, select Donations, then in the Module field of the area, select Donations Space.


Step 2 - Configure the Donations module

In the Module Configuration step, you can choose the display you'd like to offer your future donors. If you have several existing donation campaigns, we advise you to choose the Mosaic mode, as it allows you to display several campaigns at the same time.


You can also choose several criteria, such as :

  • display the list of donors,
  • display the description of the donations campaign,
  • display the amounts collected, and also display the financial objective of your donations campaign in the form of a gauge.


Finally, you'll be able to configure where the button at the end of the donation form goes.


For further details on the module's settings, please refer to the Help article dedicated to the Donation Area, which details all the module's options.

Once the settings are complete, click on Save and close. You can now go to your website and see your Yapla Donation campaigns displayed on your new page!

Contact our team for technical support!

Our team is here to help. If you need a helping hand setting up your Donations page, contact us.

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